Morning Poll: Who'd Ya Rather...? Featuring Two Tucson High School Teachers

In the past month, two female teachers from Tucson-area high schools were arrested for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with students at their respective schools.

Considering that such hanky-panky with a teacher is often the dominating fantasy of many high-school-age dudes -- and that Valley Fever readers opted to turn the comment section of each of their stories into a forum to discuss whether the teachers were hot -- we figured we'd settle the debate with a poll.

See each of their mug shots after the jump.

On Friday, 32-year-old Jennifer Whiting (below), an English teacher at the Tucson Rincon High School, was arrested for allegedly acting inappropriately with a student.


Last month, 25-year-old Christie Elliot (next page, an English teacher and cheerleading coach at Empire High School, had a sexual relationship with a minor student at the school.


We want to know what you think: Which educator best portrays the Hot for Teacher fantasy made famous by David Lee Roth?

Vote -- and see the results of Friday's poll -- below.

Friday's poll question: Is J.D. Hayworth's campaign over?

-36.7 percent say yes.

-14.6 percent say no.

-48.7 percent say it was over before it started.

Here is your morning poll:


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