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Morning Poll: Will the New Federal Lawsuit Against Sheriff Arpaio Amount to Anything?

The Justice Department has sued Sheriff Joe Arpaio before. He's still here.

A federal judge called conditions in the Arpaio-run county jail unconstitutional. They fixed a few toilets -- no big deal for Arpaio.

Now we're supposed to get excited about this new lawsuit related to the feds' civil-rights probe?

Not feeling it. Arpaio's boys didn't leave a slimy paper trail of bigoted remarks on official forms, we're pretty sure. We assume no documentation exists of the way deputies, when they were hunting primarily for Mexicans, let black or white people with cracked windshields and dirty license plates drive on down the road unmolested.

And if there were incredibly damning documents at the Sheriff's Office? Shredded, or about to be.

On top of all that, who gave Arpaio the power they're now saying he abused? The federal government -- which approved how he was using that power.

The lawsuit is clearly not the indictment of Sheriff Arpaio his critics are looking for. But maybe it'll have legs. Maybe it's not everyone at the jail who's treated miserably -- perhaps the bad conditions get even worse for Hispanics in a way not yet revealed. Or maybe new evidence will surface of racially motivated actions ordered by Arpaio.  

So what do you think? Is the lawsuit a big deal or not? Vote -- and see the results of yesterday's poll -- below.

Yesterday's poll:

The big shock for us here is that Brewer's performance rated 8 more clicks than that of Gist. Then again, Gist didn't even do anything funny, much less say anything interesting.

Here is your morning poll:

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