Morning Poll: Will We Ever Know What Happened to Phoenix Sgt. Sean Drenth?

Five Phoenix police officers and one employee of the city of Phoenix were ordered by a judge last week to submit their DNA to those investigating the death of Phoenix police Sergeant Sean Drenth.

Drenth's death is the biggest mystery in the Phoenix law enforcement community, at the moment; authorities still haven't determined whether he was murdered or committed suicide. The fact that he was one of several targets of a fraud investigation that involved nearly 30 other officers adds to the mystery.

If you're unfamiliar with the bizarre death of Sergeant Drenth, click here.

To offer a little perspective, Lieutenant Joe Knott, head of the P.P.D.'s homicide unit, gave reporters his take on Drenth's death earlier this year:

"I started at 50/50 [in terms of whether it was murder or suicide]," he says. "Throughout the investigation, that's shifted in both's extremely frustrating."

Even with the new DNA, there's no guarantee the mystery will be solved.

That said, we want to know what you think: will we ever know what really happened to Sergeant Drenth?

Cast your vote below.

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