Morning Poll: Would You Throw the Book at Susan Brock?

The sentencing hearing for Susan Brock, the somewhat-estranged wife of Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock, is scheduled to resume today.

Brock faces a minimum sentence of seven years, a maximum sentence of 15 years, and a presumptive sentence of 10 years for carrying out a three-year sexual relationship with a teenage family friend, starting when the boy was only 14.

Defense psychologists argue that Brock showed remorse and that she's at low risk for repeating her crimes if she remains in society. The shrink claims Brock should be "rehabilitated in the community."

However, from jail, Brock allegedly tried to have a friend destroy evidence. Not to mention, she repeatedly sexually abused a kid. If genders were reversed, we have a feeling Brock would have the book thrown at her.

Brock's sentence is expected to be handed down either this afternoon or tomorrow. We want to know what you think: would you throw the book at the county supervisor's wife?

Cast your vote below.

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