Naked Guy Arrested After Running Through Sky Harbor in Buff

Travelers at Sky Harbor International Airport were treated to a strip tease on Friday afternoon, when a naked man went running through the airport before getting arrested by security.

Police say 27-year-old Daniel Green pulled up to Terminal 2 in his car at a "high rate of speed." Green then jumped out of the car without putting it in park, ripped his shirt off, and ran into the airport.

The car began to roll, but airport staff were able to jump in the driver's seat and stop it before any serious damage was done.

Green, after dashing topless into the airport, reportedly went to a ticket counter and starting raisin' hell.

Witnesses say he was pushing over signs and yelling at airline employees until he stopped, stripped completely naked, and continued on his tirade.

In the midst of his disrobing, police say, Green threw a small pocketknife on the ground.

The fun came to an end when airport security got involved, detaining Green and taking him into one of the airport bathrooms, where they dressed him in a yellow haz-mat suit.

After he was detained and re-clothed, Green told police his actions came about because he was bi-polar and off his meds.

Green was arrested and faces charges of reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct, and indecent exposure.

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