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What happened at that hearing is a secret; Donahoe sealed the file and wouldn't comment for this story.

Last September 13, shortly before Elliston's license was suspended, a seriously mentally ill woman wrote Judge Daughton a letter from Madison Street Jail. Nancy Elliston had been Noelle Chase's guardian/conservator for a few years, and Chase was convinced that Elliston had been ripping her off.

Though it's uncertain whether Chase is right about her case, her handwritten note seems prescient.

"I beg, Your Honor, please don't let this all be swept under the rug," wrote Chase, who was serving a term for violating probation on a drug charge. "The behavior of FSI is so appalling that my probation officer was overwhelmed by their business practices. . . . I hope and pray two things from you -- that you will look into the accountings FSI has been submitting and that, two, that this can't ever happen again to another person. FSI is not what they appear to be."

With the courts' blessings, a firm called Southwest Fiduciary Services has taken over many of FSI's cases. Several of Nancy Elliston's onetime employees have gone to work for Southwest, though she apparently has no financial interest in the firm.

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