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Napolitano, Meghan McCain, Among "D.C.'s Most Eligible Singles," Says Politico.com

Arizonans Janet Napolitano and Meghan McCain are two of "D.C.'s Most Eligible Singles," according to an article in Politico.com.

Writer Patrick Gavin says of the 20 "eligible singles:"

They're cute and connected, charming and compelling. To be sure, many won't be single for long so it's best to work on your pickup lines now.

We doubt either of those two are headed for relationship bliss anytime soon.

Napolitano sure didn't capitalize on her long-time status as one of Arizona's most eligible singles, as far as we know. Though many pundits have openly questioned her sexuality, the only thing that seems certain about Napolitano's dating life is that she doesn't seem to have much of one. But really, who cares?

 As Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell callously noted (and a live mic picked up), maybe her lack of a "life" means she dedicates more time to her job. As the Politico blog posts mentions, Napolitano said in a recent New York Times interview that she was "dating" her staff:

If power is an aphrodisiac, Napolitano is sure to do well. As one of the most important Cabinet members in the Obama administration, this Arizonian is the new sheriff in town as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Still, when you're busy trying to protect the country, finding the time for dates isn't easy. She recently told the New York Times that she's dating ... her staff.

As for McCain, she admitted in March that she's having trouble getting a date. Rather than dating lots of people to find her Mr. Right, though, she seems to be opting out of the game (for now, anyway).

We wish them both the best of luck.

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