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Contrary to Mr. Cooper's assertion, Marie Allen still owns and operates her ranch in Santa Fe exactly as in 1969-1974, namely, as a business enterprise which is how I ran it as her general manager during that time. My authority was that of general manager. My engineering and MBA expertise from the Colorado School of Mines and Harvard Business School--where I graduated, in both instances, with honors--formed the basis of the endeavor. Several old friends and business associates rented space for their individual enterprises of metal working, adobe construction and landscaping; I contacted them about renting space in order to make it an interesting and useful as well as profitable operation. Kathelin Hoffman, for whom I had written play scripts for two years, rented a space for her theater company and I continued to work for her as a dramaturge. Everyone who ever came to Synergia Ranch worked for one or another of these companies; people were employed or set up their own enterprises--there was no commune or theater group or any other entity for them to "join" and move in. There were no followers because there was nothing to follow, and there was no core group because there was no larger group.

The rough and tumble of a ranch on the New Mexican high desert--with entrepreneurs working to establish their enterprises and make a living, and many did share the kitchen and dining facilities--may have been too much for Mr. Veysey's genteel academic background. The fact that people were interested in ecology and philosophy--this was the 1960s, after all, and many people were trying to forge new lifestyles more in touch with nature and the environment--was interpreted as an ideology by a professor who frankly came looking for mystical or political ideologies. Further, the fact that Mr. Veysey has not seen or spoken with me for 20 years does not deter him from elaborating and even expanding his "interpretations" to include my entire life and enterprises in which I participate in any way. . . . Another misstatement of Mr. Cooper is that I used the name Johnny Dolphin in San Francisco during the Haight-Ashbury period. For philosophical reasons I was very into the "anonymous dramaturge" role with my writing until 1982, when John Lilly allowed Kathelin Hoffman and myself to swim with the dolphins, Joe and Rose, and we experimented with some theater exercises with them. (Kathelin Hoffman is the director and manager of the Theater of All Possibilities, not myself, and has performed around the world, including at La Mama, Garage and other venues in NYC, utilizing some of my scripts.) The dolphins' emotional and physical agility, their being-right-thereness, made them immediate exemplars for me, and I adopted the name Johnny Dolphin as a nom de plume--an emblem of aspiration for my literary works. Synergetic Press Inc. has published several fiction, poetry and dramatic works by Johnny Dolphin, and has just published my novel on an aspect of mid-'60s life, Journey Around an Experiment under John Allen, which I use for all scientific, general public writings and appearances.

As further evidence of my putative bullying of science, Mr. Cooper repeats David Stumpf's false assertion that I "vigorously interrupted" his speech in a 1985 workshop of Space Biospheres Ventures staff and subcontractors, and again I disagreed with his thesis then, and I disagree with it now. However, an archival tape of the interaction indicates a spirited discussion, not aggression. Mr. Cooper's repeat of Dr. Stumpf's assertion that a distinction was made between "traditional science" (whatever that is) and "New Age science" (whatever that is) also can be proven to be completely false. Mr. Cooper's assertion that Mr. Wayne Collins resigned from the project is also demonstrably false; Mr. Collins never worked on the Biosphere 2 project nor has anybody ever suggested he was a scientist.

Mr. Cooper states that I seek to avoid scientific discussion generally. On the contrary, I have spoken in open debate by invitation of a number of scientific institutions in exchange of data and concepts on closed system. These institutions include the Royal Society Chambers in the United Kingdom in 1987, the Soviet Academy in Kiev in 1989, and NASA at their workshop on Commercial Applications of Biological Life Support Systems in 1989.

Mr. Cooper cites the Fort Worth Star-Telegram as his great authority for his article in which he rehashes this entire series of assertions from 1985 (except for the one about David Stumpf) sans fact-checking. The seriousness with which those baseless accusations are now taken in Fort Worth can be gauged from the fact that I was made an Honorary Citizen of Fort Worth in 1989 and have made two invited speeches before the Fort Worth Harvard Business School Club, one on biospherics, and the other on the scientific situation in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

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