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Mr. Cooper's greatest error concerns my role at SBV. I am director of Research and Development. Margret Augustine is the President and CEO of Space Biospheres Ventures. It is extraordinary that in this day and age, a publication like the Village Voice belittles one of the most outstanding accomplishments of a woman leader. I function at exactly the same organizational level as any other department head at SBV. We all report directly to Margret Augustine and our activities are reviewed by her, Mr. Ed Bass and their review committee. Ms. Augustine and Mr. Bass are exceptional leaders and without their vision and determination this project would not be.

John Allen
Director of Research and Development

Marc Cooper replies: I believe a close reading of Allen's letter only further reinforces the main thesis of my article: The group that runs Biosphere 2 is built around the person and "vision" of John Allen. It is a closed, cultlike structure fixed on the corporate colonization of Mars rather than committed to a defense of the Earth, or as Allen says above, "going to Mars is part of the human destiny." Biosphere 2 is more theme park than experiment, more science fiction than science. As to the detail that Allen considers to be my "greatest error": I never wrote that Ms. Augustine was not titular president and CEO of SBV. I did say, and now repeat, that beyond on-paper organigrams, Allen is the undisputed teacher, leader, guru and master of

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Marc Cooper