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No Charges Filed In Mesa Doc Sexual Abuse Case

After dragging a physician's name through the mud with accusations that he sexually abused two of his patients, the Maricopa County Attorney's Office has opted against filing charges against Dr. Gabriel Ogbonnaya, his lawyer announced today.

Ogbonnaya was arrested about two weeks ago after two of his female patients claimed he sexually abused them during office visits.

The alleged victims said Ogbonnaya, a doctor with the Healing Touch group, made sexual advances toward them -- including patting their vaginas and insisting they "have more sex" -- when the victims were adamant that his behavior was unwanted, according to court documents acquired by New Times.

Check out the full account of the alleged abuse here.

Those claims, however, were not enough to convince county prosecutors that they should file  charges against the doctor.

Calls to Ogbonnaya's attorney, Jan Buescher, were not immediately returned this afternoon, but in a statement she sent us moments ago, she says, "False allegations of abuse are one of the greatest violations of due process in our legal system."

Buescher seems most peeved over how the Mesa Police Department handled Ogbonnaya's arrest and about the press release it issued afterward.

According to Buescher, Mesa police officer Laurie Kessler "clearly abused her discretion" during the arrest when she had six undercover officers surround Ogbonnaya's clinic, bust in the back door without a warrant, arrest the doctor, and then "paraded" him in front of his patients and employees.

Buescher says she is "outraged" at the way the Mesa department handled the case and equally outraged at the Arizona Medical Board, which she says did an "equally inadequate" job investigating the case.

Calls to the Mesa PD were not immediately returned, but check back for updates.

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