Occupy Phoenix Still Exists; Protesters Still Saying Joe Arpaio and Banks Suck, at Least One Thinks Paul Penzone's a Nazi

In case you missed 'em, Occupy Phoenix gathered yesterday for the Occupy Wall Street movement's one-year anniversary, and some things don't change -- banks and Sheriff Joe Arpaio are still terrible.

There was a new one out of at least one of the Occupy folks yesterday, though, regarding the Democratic candidate for Maricopa County Sheriff: "Paul Penzone's a fuckin' Nazi."

That one come from the anarchist representatives apparently dressed as ninjas (below), as Phoenix police officers chauffeured the protesters through intersections on their protest route.

Not surprisingly, the first stop along the route was the Fourth Avenue Jail, where the protesters got heated over Arpaio with the typical complaints -- racial profiling, inhumane treatment at the jails, and Tent City as a whole.

But, as one of the ninja-looking anarchists interjected during the anti-Arpaio tirade, Penzone's "a fuckin' Nazi, too."

He noted, correctly, that Penzone doesn't plan on closing Arpaio's Tent City.

That one didn't really catch on with the rest of the group, but the ninjas also shouted at the Phoenix cops on hand about Christopher Wilson, the former Phoenix officer who admitted to having sex with teenage boys.

Aside from that, the beliefs and tactics of the Occupy people haven't changed much from the beginning, but it's been a year since it all started, and fewer people were out there yesterday.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.