Osama bin Laden's Assassination Evokes Comments From `Friends'

The startling news last night of Osama bin Laden's assassination evoked many responses from friends of ours, including one from an old bud named Corey after he saw this headline graphic on the Fox News affiliate in Sacramento (Fox40):


Said Corey, "I know they probably wish they could have skipped the `Bin' and the `Laden,' but give me a flippin' break!"

Other comments, courtesy of our Facebook page:

William from Pennsylvania: "So much for my theory that he was hiding in plain sight in NYC, driving a cab."

Eric, a local attorney: "Faux News and Glenn Beck denying whole story. Trump saying he has 'proof" to be 'forthcoming' that Osama never even existed."

Kathy, a Valley therapist: "I find it interesting that the one thing our President was seriously attacked for -- his lack of military background -- is the one thing he will go down in history for. A military operation. Things are not always as they seem and can change on a freaking dime."

Rob, a ball-playing pal from LA: "Why do I feel LESS safe than I did before the news tonight?"

Stephany, a cool lady from San Diego: "Happy Dance! The Wicked Witch is Dead!"

Finally, Jameson, a sharp cat from right down the street: "Our Arab-American friends and neighbors have paid a terrible price because of the fundamentalist hijacking of Islam."

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