Phoenix Burglar Breaks Into Home, Leaves with Nothing but an Ass-Kicking by Two Brothers

Phoenix burglary suspect Jose Luis McInturf is lucky he wasn't shot dead after allegedly breaking into a home last week with the residents still inside.

Instead, McInturf, 21, got a well-deserved ass-kicking from the teenage brothers inside.

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According to court documents obtained by New Times, McInturf knocked on the front door of the home, near 67th Avenue and Indian School Road, and went to the side of the house when no one answered.

McInturf forced open a gate, a door to the garage, and finally a door leading into the home, according to court documents.

As soon as he entered the home, he was confronted by a 16-year-old. McInturf, armed with a screwdriver, walked toward him. The 16-year-old walked backwards down a hallway as McInturf made stabbing motions with the screwdriver.

As they passed one of the bedrooms in the middle of the hallway, the 16-year-old's 18-year-old brother came out and started giving McInturf a well-deserved bashing with a metal baseball bat.

That gave the 16-year-old time to go to his bedroom and come back to give McInturf's face a fresh coat of pepper spray.

McInturf was able to get away, but a police officer responding to the call found McInturf, the only guy walking down 67th Avenue with "what appeared to be orange pepper spray on his face," court documents state. (Unfortunately, the pepper spray was washed off before McInturf posed for his mugshot.)

McInturf didn't admit to the burglary but did admit the plastic bag found in his pants was his meth stash.

He didn't get anything from the house except the ass-kicking, according to court documents.

Turns out, McInturf lives with his mommy, less than a mile away from the brothers' house.

McInturf's currently on probation for drug charges, so he probably won't be eligible for bond in this case.

In addition to a pair of drug cases, McInturf also has prior arrests for criminal damage, trespassing, assault, shoplifting, failure to appear, and more.

In this case, McInturf has been charged with burglary, possession of burglary tools, and aggravated assault.

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