Phoenix Firefighter Mark Nehrenz Hit a Kid With His Truck and Didn't Bother to Stop. Cops Suspect He Was Drunk

Phoenix firefighter Mark Nehrenz was arrested Saturday afternoon after he hit a teenager with his truck and then just drove off, according to police.

The victim suffered a broken hip and is expected to recover.

According to court records obtained by New Times, police suspect that Nehrenz was drunk when he hit the teen, but it's not yet clear how drunk.

Police say Nehrenz was driving his white Toyota pickup truck near 19th Avenue and Bell Road about 4:15 Saturday afternoon when he hit the victim, who was on rollerblades and in the crosswalk.

Nehrenz then drove off.

Witnesses saw what happened and followed Nehrenz to the 2100 block of West Anderson Drive, where he was stopped by police and taken into custody.

Nehrenz was booked into jail on one count of leaving the scene of an injury accident. However, the investigation is ongoing, Phoenix Sergeant Steve Martos tells New Times, and he could face additional charges after authorities get back the results of a blood test that will determine whether he was intoxicated.

Check back for updates.

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