Phoenix Law Enforcement Association Prez Mark Spencer’s Latest Outrage, and Arpaio Surreptitiously Tapes the Feds During Latest Sweep

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Saturday, I stopped by a couple of popular, Latino-owned businesses, Los Cuates Mexican Food in Mesa and a Chandler mini-mall called Mercado Plaza del Sol. The proprietor of Los Cuates said his business was down 30 percent. At the Plaza del Sol, the owner complained it was down more than 50 percent.

All because everyone with brown skin was fearfully laying low the whole weekend.

Do the feds really want 287(g) authority misused like this? Do they really want whole cities frightened, further depressing an already depressed economy?

And on top of it all, Arpaio tapes them!

Do the feds and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who's Joe's jefe in all this, have no pride?

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