Phoenix Man Slammed About 30 Beers Before He Ran Stolen Car Into Pregnant Girl, Cops Say

A pregnant 17-year-old and another woman were hit by a car moments after the driver stole that car, police say.

The alleged driver, 25-year-old Guadalupe Castaneda, denied hitting anyone or anything with the car, police say. However, according to court documents obtained by New Times, Castaneda did admit to throwing back around 30 beers before taking the Dodge Charger from a parking lot near 16th Avenue and Camelback Road.

The driver left the car running around 2:30 a.m. Sunday as he went to buy food from a vendor in the parking lot. That's when Castaneda hopped in and "sideswiped" the owner of the car as he sped off in the parking lot, according to the documents.

In that same parking lot, Castaneda hit the 17-year-old pregnant girl and the other woman, the documents state.

The 17-year-old, who's four months pregnant, suffered broken ribs and bruised lungs. Her unborn child is in critical condition, according to court documents.

The other woman suffered some minor injuries, including a possible fracture around her elbow.

Meanwhile, Castaneda managed to run into a car after this, which had two people inside. One person was uninjured, while the other person suffered a minor injury, according to court documents.

Castaneda eventually managed to make it out of the parking lot, and gave up running from police around 33rd Avenue and Van Buren Street.

Police say Castaneda had no explanation for taking the car. He also refused breath and blood tests for alcohol impairment, but police obtained a search warrant for blood samples.

After that, police say, Castaneda admitted to "drinking about 30 beers over the course of the evening . . . "

He claimed he never hit any people, or any other cars, and told police the only thing he hit was a garbage can while he was trying to evade police through an alley.

It doesn't mean much after all of that, but police say Castaneda was also driving that allegedly stolen car on a suspended license.

Castaneda was booked into jail on a grand total of 10 felony counts, for now.

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