Phoenix Public Library Issues "Top Five Reasons" to Get Card

Are you broke, unemployed or just looking for cheap intellectual thrills? The Phoenix Public Library system is the perfect antidote to the bad economy. Even if you live in east Mesa or Fountain Hills, you can still get a Phoenix library card. (Sorry Apache Junction -- you have to be a Maricopa County resident).

In the spirit of the Holy Grail of "free," we pass along these "Top Five Reasons to Get a Phoenix Public Library Card," which some librarian slaved over to entice you to join in on the fun:

1. AWESOME SCHOOL SUPPLY. A Phoenix Public Library card gives students of all ages free access to research materials and online resources to help with homework, school projects and tests such as the ACT and SAT. A library card can also make after-school life fun with free programs, books, music, DVDs, Internet access and more.

2. 24-HOUR LIBRARY ACCESS. Visit for 24/7 at-home access to free databases that provide everything from reference information and language learning tools to test preparation and career training. You can also reserve or renew items and pay overdue fees online. All you need is your library card and a computer with Internet service.

3. FREE DOWNLOADS. Library customers can download free audio books, eBooks, eFlicks and music from the Greater Phoenix Digital Library. Digital media can be transferred to a variety of electronic devices including MP3 players, iPod, iPhone and Sony Reader.

4. SAVE MONEY. Why buy when you can borrow? Phoenix Public Library's collection includes nearly 2 million books, DVDs and CDs. Customers can check out a total of 35 items at one time including 10 DVDs and 10 CDs. Books and CDs are loaned for three weeks; DVDs are loaned for seven days.

5. COOL CARD! Last year Phoenix Public Library issued a citywide call for local artists to redesign the library card. Released in January 2009, the new card designed by Kiyomi King includes a convenient key tag. It's the coolest card around! [Pictured above]

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