Phoenix/Scottsdale Among Country's "Rudest Cities"

It seems certain Valley residents need to watch their manners -- according to a recent survey, people from Phoenix and Scottsdale are among the rudest in the entire country.

The survey, conducted by Travel and Leisure Magazine, ranks Phoenix/Scottsdale No. 12 on its list of the country's rudest cities.

Below is the magazine's bunk explanation for the ranking:

Listen, sometimes it's just too hot outside to smile. Phoenix barely avoided the Top 10 for rudeness, but it scores even worse for its neighborhoods (No. 30) and for being a cultural getaway (No. 28). All the better to hole up in an all-in-one resort--the city ranks No. 2 for them--where staff is guaranteed to be nice to you.

While New York City is often considered to be home to the country's -- if not the world's -- rudest people, Los Angeles has out-ruded the Big Apple in this year's rankings and taken the number one spot, with New York coming in second.

Other mismannered metropolitan areas that made the list include Philadelphia, which took the No. 3 spot, Miami, at No. 4, and Washington D.C. at No. 5.

Somehow, Boston only made it to the No. 6 spot, despite the accents, the Boston Red Sox, and Ben Affleck. Many would argue that Bostonians should either be at the top of the list, or not on it at all (it's unfair to compare professional assholes with amateurs).

See the complete list by clicking here.

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