Phoenix Suns Final Home Game Tomorrow as Scalpers Take It in Shorts

It was but a year ago that the Phoenix Suns made an improbable and fairly glorious run to the NBA Western Finals, where the eventual champion Los Angeles Lakers finally beat them in a hard-fought series.

Fans know what happened next -- among other things, unloved team owner Robert Sarver ran off well-loved general manager Steve Kerr, whose smarts were a good part of why the team did so well.

We will save our postmortem on this year's predictably disappointing team for another time, but consider this:

Sadly, tomorrow night's home game against the rival San Antonio Spurs means absolutely nothing for either team. 

The hated Spurs, whom the Suns finally knocked out of the playoffs last year after what seemed like a century of crushing losses, are finishing the regular season on top of the West.

Phoenix is done for, one of the 14 inferior NBA teams that aren't going to be around for post-season play.
But fear not if, for some reason, you want to see the Suns one last time this season tomorrow night and don't have a ticket yet. 
The operative word is cheap.
We jumped onto Stubhub.com adnd the Suns' own site to see how tickets are moving for the not-so-big game against the Spurs.
Check it out -- ticket prices are going to be a throwback to the old, much more affordable days at the Madhouse on McDowell, the Veterans Memorial Coliseum.
You easily can find seats for well under face value, and way, way under the usual scalper prices -- as low as $13 for an upper-level seat, and a few hundred bucks for a coveted seat court side.
Not sure if the comfy chairs around Robert Sarver are among those for the taking, but we know this much: If they are, it might be fun to grab them. 
For good reason, Sarver isn't exactly a popular guy in town these days, and who knows what kind of shit he's going to hear from the Suns faithful on Wednesday night.

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