Pinal County 3-Year-Old Still in Critical Condition After Shooting Himself in Head

A 3-year-old Pinal County boy is still in critical condition after shooting himself in the head with a gun he found in his grandmother's San Tan Valley home.

According to police, on Friday night, the boy's grandmother, who lives in a rural section of the county, got scared when her dogs started barking and grabbed the gun. She put it underneath her couch to keep it close to her and forgot about it.

The next day, her grandson came to visit and guess what was still under the couch -- a loaded gun.

The boy found the gun and accidentally shot himself in the head. The bullet went through his brain, however, there is hope he will survive.

In a related story, last week -- while arguing in support of a bill that would weaken Arizona's already laughable gun-control laws -- state Senator Russell Pearce had this to say: "I've never been afraid of a good citizen being armed."

We wonder if 3-year-olds or forgetful grandmothers fall under Pearce's definition of "good citizen."

No charges are pending in the case, and the boy, whose name is not being released, is unconscious at a Phoenix hospital.

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