Pinal County Jail Inmate Assaults Detention Officer to Avoid Release; Fears Mexican "Hit" Squad *UPDATED*

*UPDATE* Click here to see video of the attack.

On Sunday, April 17, 26-year-old Alexandro Guerrero was scheduled to be released from a Pinal County jail where he'd been serving time for a failure-to-comply warrant out of Yuma. But Guerrero wasn't ready to leave, so he punched a detention officer in the face and attacked him while he was on the ground.

According the Pinal County Sheriff's Office, Guerrero feared freedom because he'd angered a Mexican drug cartel and claimed to have a "hit" out on him.

In related news, if there are any Mexican "hit" squads looking for Alexandro Guerrero -- thanks to the PCSO's press release -- we now know that he's sitting in a Pinal County Jail.

Guerrero was waiting to be released in the booking area of the jail when, unprovoked, he punched the officer in the face. Once the officer was on the ground, Guerrero continued to punch and kick him until he was restrained by jail staff and taken back into custody.

Guerrero told officers that he attacked the guard because he'd upset the "Los Zetas" Mexican drug cartel. He told officers he used to sell drugs for himself to make money before going to work for the cartel.

However, the cartel labeled him a "snitch" because he was giving information about the cartel to law enforcement. The cartel then put out a "hit" on him, which apparently scared him enough to assault the officer.

Guerrero was booked back into the Pinal County Adult Detention Center on three counts of aggravated assault on a detention officer. He's being held on a $50,000 cash only bond.

The detention officer received a broken nose and needed numerous stitches to close the wound on his face he suffered during the assault.

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