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These new leaders, who are actually focused on making downtown Phoenix a dynamic 21st-century city, include Arizona State University president Michael Crow, world-class bioscience guru Jeffrey Trent, small business owners like Kimber Lanning, a progressive city council led by Mayor Phil Gordon, and big-time financial players like the new owner of the Phoenix Suns, Robert Sarver.

Colangelo's descent from power is a good thing because it opens up the playing field for other leaders, including players like Sarver and Crow. This will only help create a more diverse, interesting and exciting downtown.

Don't think for a moment that Colangelo will have nothing to do. Mayor Gordon is considering offering Jerry a post as a key adviser. And as I already mentioned, Colangelo's working hard to destroy one of the last unspoiled tracts of Sonoran Desert with his massive development west of the White Tank Mountains.

Jerry's not going to let his hurt feelings over getting cut by the Diamondbacks keep him from attempting to make a stadium-load of money on Douglas Ranch.

After all, one of the partners in the 35,000-acre project includes the man who just replaced him as Diamondbacks boss -- Jeff Moorad.

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