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When he was arrested in Colorado, the FBI confiscated more than $76,000. And Pete Reinstein, an assistant Maricopa County attorney, believes there may be even more money out there to recover. He isn't looking to cut a deal unless Rosi forks it over.

"There is still probably $70,000 to $100,000 that is unaccounted for," Reinstein says. "He says no, he spent it. We'll see. Unless the man comes up with the money, we're going to trial."
Rosario Onofrio says Rosi took more than money. "He just broke us up," she says, tearfully. "I hope he gets what's coming to him, because he's just ruined my whole family. . . . My husband is very upset with my daughter. She didn't do it to hurt us. You don't know how heartbreaking that is for me. She's been a good daughter. That scum [Rosi] destroyed us. Money don't mean nothing to me; I want my husband, too."

Joseph Onofrio is more pragmatic: "I think there'll be some people interested in this story. You know any screenwriters?

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