Police Women of Maricopa County Debuts Tonight on TLC

Fire up your televisions because the big day is finally upon us: Police Women of Maricopa County debuts tonight on TLC.

Since we last posted an item on the Sheriff's Office's latest stab at reality TV, the network has released more clips of the show.

Based on the new clips, our suspicions of the show appear to be right.

In the latest clips, which you can check out here, the show seems nothing more than a collection of chick-cops trying to over-compensate for being women in a profession traditionally dominated by men by trying to be the biggest bitch in the bunch.

In one instance, one of the babe-cops screams "are you crazy?" at a suspect and follows up by yelling, "I will hit you!"

In another scene, one of the officer's screams "shut up" at an old woman and the dreaded T-word (Taser) is used in almost every bust -- no matter how minor the offense.

We didn't expect anything less from something advertised as a show about female cops perusing the county looking to "kick some ass."

The show airs at 9 p.m. on TLC. We're curious to see if that old camera-hound Joe Arpaio makes a brief cameo. Our guess is definitely. 

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James King
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