Public Urination Still Illegal in Arizona, Appeals Court Finds

An Arizona appellate court ruled today that it is still illegal to take a piss wherever you feel like it and that Tucson's ordinance against public urination is not violating the Constitution.

A Pima County man, convicted of public urination in a Pima County Superior Court and sentenced to a year of probation, appealed his conviction, claiming the urination law was vague.

The man was arrested in July 2008 when a cop saw him urinating in an alley behind a store in Tucson.

After he was convicted and sentenced to probation, the man claimed the language in the public-urination law was unconstitutionally vague because it didn't define "public place" or "exposed to public view."

Seriously? If you're pissing in an alley behind a store, chances are you're pissing in a public place, but kudos to this gentleman for trying.

The Court of Appeals seemed to find the term "public place" as self-explanatory as we do and upheld the man's conviction and the wording of the ordinance.

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James King
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