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There must have been times when Dunlap thought that meeting Marley was the luckiest event of his life. Over the years of their friendship, Marley treated him like a son and lent him more than a million dollars. And then Marley actually forgave the loans. The motive to move against Don Bolles for criticizing Marley is apparent.

Now, Dunlap sits in that courtroom facing the possibility of the death penalty. Strange, isn't it? None of us can predict where or how we'll end up. 3. Why did it take so long to bring Dunlap to trial for the second time?

Bob Corbin, the former attorney general, was incredibly inept. Corbin used the lame alibi that he couldn't bring the case back to court because nobody would believe John Harvey Adamson.

This is the same attorney general who found Charles Keating totally believable and found nothing illegal in his activities. Corbin remained Keating's pal to the end. Of course, his vision may have been blurred by the fact that Keating was his largest political contributor. Corbin now heads the National Rifle Association and campaigns for the rights of children to bear guns freely wherever they choose to roam. He has recently hired former U.S. attorney Linda Akers as an aide. It was Akers who ordered the storming of the Fort McDowell Indian reservation and the seizing of all those pinball machines.

4. Why can't Lute Olson's UofA teams win the big games?
Let me answer that with a question. Have you ever noticed Lute's body language as he minces along the sidelines? He is a man who can pick and assemble talent. However, he lacks the capacity to inspire young men to action. His Tucson restaurant is no bargain, either.

5. Why does President Bill Clinton refuse to hold press conferences?
The other night, Clinton gave a brief talk before the White House radio and TV people which has not been reported on.

Here are a few of the things he said. You will note by the tone that he meant most of it as a joke. But there is a kernel of truth here, too:

"Well, you keep asking for a press conference and here it is. If you want to know the reason I can stiff you, it's because of Larry King. He liberated me from you."
"Bernie Nussbaum, my White House counsel, is 33 and looks like 90. One of his jobs was to get me an attorney general. He is responsible for Zoá Baird and Kimba Wood and another dozen whose names never got in the newspapers. You might ask why I keep such an incompetent around?

"We were about to announce Janet Reno. I thought she could be a folk hero. But then, I thought, what the hell am I gonna do if this doesn't work? I looked at Nussbaum and said: 'This is it. If Reno doesn't work, you're getting a sex-change operation.'" "A lot of you thought I was too young and inexperienced to handle foreign policy--and you were right. But you have to admit, I look good meeting with other heads of state. I watched Ronald Reagan. So I know when to tilt my head and smile." Clinton closed by citing Thomas Jefferson's statement that a free press was the most important thing we have.

At the close, his remarks were greeted by polite applause. There was little enthusiasm. Clinton is heading into rough waters. 6. Why did Governor Fife Symington bring Burton Barr back to deal with the gambling problems on the reservations?

Burton Barr is one of the great connivers and fixers in the benighted political history of this state. For years Barr ran the Republican party and the governor's office by virtue of his strangle hold over the legislature.

He controlled everything. Political donations went directly to Barr, who then picked out his loyal followers and gave them money for their campaigns.

He was a political czar who grew so heady with success that he thought he was a much-loved figure who could breeze into the governor's office. He was soundly beaten by none other than Evan Mecham in a Republican primary.

He is a cynical manipulator who has always played both sides of the street. As a Republican, he teamed up with Bruce Babbitt, a Democratic governor, to grease legislation. He became godfather to one of Babbitt's children. Later he became Terry Goddard's top adviser.

Anytime Barr shows up and takes a side, you know right away who are the guys in the black hats. It's time to check your wallet.

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