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7. Why shouldn't we trust Bruce Babbitt?
He always has an angle. Babbitt's whole goal in life is to schmooze the press and avoid criticism. He wants to be loved by them and supported in any future endeavors.

That's what is behind Babbitt's offer to appoint NBC anchor Tom Brokaw as National Park Service head. Babbitt also leaked the fact that another candidate was Robert Redford.

Let's get serious. Brokaw makes more than $2 million a year for doing the nightly news. Redford makes close to $10 million for each film. The job Babbitt is offering pays $112,000.

8. If The Crying Game was the best and most original film of last year, why won't it win the Academy Award?

Because it's not an American film. The powers behind Clint Eastwood have organized a blitz campaign to make certain the honor goes to his Western, Unforgiven.

The problem is that the Academy Awards don't mean that much anymore. They have demolished themselves. Over the years, the boring, listless, overlong TV shows have been marked by barbarous displays of egotism by various Hollywood luminaries. It takes more than Jack Nicholson sitting in the third row in a pair of dark sunglasses to make an entertaining evening.

9. How does a lawyer get appointed to the Superior Court bench in Maricopa County?

Take the case of Chris Skelley, appointed to the bench last week by Governor J. Fife Symington III.

Skelley's father is a former far-right-wing-Republican member of the House of Representatives who was a close ally of Burton Barr. Just a day after it was announced that Barr was joining up with Symington, the governor picked Skelley from a long list of candidates for the bench. 10. How far will the Suns go in the playoffs?

Not far at all unless Coach Whataburger can convince them to rebound and play defense on a regular basis.

11. What's the worst-designed airport terminal in North America?
Terminal Four at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport wins hands down. Nobody can possibly cope with it. To start with, the system of ramps intimidates you even before you get in the building. A prize should be given for anyone who is able to park his car, pick up a passenger and then find his car again in less than 40 minutes. The long walk to the gates makes a stressful journey out of every trip out of town.

And now that airlines are plunging toward financial collapse, it's apparent the construction of this extra terminal was an astonishing waste of public funds.

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