Redflex Speed Camera Firm Still Evaluating Program Safety for Employees; Thanks Cops for Quick Arrest of Suspect

Redflex Traffic Systems is still in the process of evaluating the safety of photo radar vans for its employees as the company mourns the death of shooting victim Doug Georgianni (at right), says a statement from the firm.

Photo radar vans from Redflex and other photo enforcement vendors were pulled off the streets following Sunday night's murder of Georgianni, 51. When those vans will be put back in service is anyone's guess. In the statement, Redflex CEO Karen Finley says:

Both internally and in consultation with the Department of Public Safety, we are being deliberative and prudent in our review of various factors to establish criteria that will allow for the re-deployment of our mobile speed enforcement vans. We will alert the public on a timely basis when we have new information to share.

Finley wants the media to remind the public about a memorial fund at Bank of America for Georgianni's family, but asks that reporters show "collective patience" with the company. Finley says "it would not be appropriate" for Redflex officials to speculate publicly about how the shooting occurred.

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