Republiloon Karen Johnson visits moonhowler Alex Jones' radio show, signals she's straitjacket-ready.

Check out a playlist of clips from Alex Jones' interview with Mesa conspiracy kook Karen Johnson, here.

Like you needed more proof that state Senator Karen Johnson is nuttier than Paula Abdul, Tom Cruise and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright combined, the Mesa Republitard recently appeared on Texas conspiracy king Alex Jones' radio show, fawning after the crackpot AM a-hole like a gushing schoolgirl and signing on to nearly every conspiracy theory since the assassination of Lincoln.

Johnson, of course, has penned op-eds of late defending some of the sicko lunacies of the 9/11 conspiranuts, who despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, persist in this insane notion that the Twin Towers were rigged with explosives. Many of them also subscribe to a host of other freaky fantasies, such as, the Pentagon was hit by a missile, Flight 93 was shot down or diverted to Cleveland (its passengers executed), a laser beam helped bring down the World Trade Center buildings, calls made from Flight 93 were faked using voice morphing technology, and on and on.

On Jones' show Johnson established she's battier than a vampire convention, stating that, "I've been a conspiratoriast [sic] for a long, long time," and that when 9/11 happened, she "questioned immediately -- is this another false flag [operation] like the Reichstag [fire]?"

See, Johnson, like other tinfoil-hatted "troofers," buys the line that 9/11 was an inside job, an attack staged to draw America into a war abroad and to establish dictatorial rule at home. In 9/11, Johnson perceives the hidden hand of a shrouded, nefarious organization.

"When you've got a cabal at the head of our country," she told Jones, "and has been there for years pulling the strings behind the scenes, I mean, whatever it takes to get what they want is what they do."

Who's in this cabal, one wonders? Neocons? The illuminati? Shape-shifting aliens from the planet Zatar? Johnson doesn't say. But she assured listeners that because of these sinister plotters, America will cease to exist by 2010, when it will have merged into a fabled North American Union with Mexico and Canada. And by gum, the Arizona State Legislature is threatening to pass a resolution opposing the NAU, one sponsored in part by the local nutbars at the John Birch Society. Thing is, there's not a shred of evidence this wing-nut nightmare is the impending reality these meshuggah-nauts claim it to be.

Jones also asked if Johnson believed the Oklahoma City bombing was an inside job, too, and of course she did.

"Oh my gosh, I mean, all the way from Ruby Ridge to Waco to Oklahoma City," sputtered Johnson like a black helicopter in flight. "There's such a string of things, Alex. I'm one of your biggest fans because it's so wonderful to find people on the Internet, and that do wonderful DVDs like you have, that speak out and help inform people."

Wonderful DVDs? One of Jones' DVDs, Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove, contends that the world's leaders assemble in the redwoods of California each year to participate in creepy occult rituals. Or there's Jones' DVD Endgame, which insists attendees of the Bilderberg conferences are plotting to "exterminate 80 percent of the world's population, while enabling the elites to live forever with the aid of advanced technology."

Jones is a veritable hothouse flower of conspiratorial insanity. I documented some of his more outrageous contentions in my cover story last year on 9/11 lie-buster Pat Curley of the ScrewLooseChange blogspot, an article entitled, The Yoda of 9/11. These included Jones' claims that: the GOP is a gay sex cult; Bill Clinton was recruited by the CIA back in the late '60s; 9/11 was a pretext for an Orwellian police state; 90 percent of the firefighters in New York support the 9/11 conspiracy nuts; Virginia Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho was a "mind-controlled assassin;" the Ku Klux Klan sprang from the Masons; the Masons worship Satan; and illegal aliens will soon rise up and kill whitey.

So Karen Johnson's tied her wagon to this night train of madness? Maybe the strain of pushing out 11 kids has rotted her brain. Or maybe her cerebellum was Swiss cheese from the get-go. In other words, I shouldn't be surprised. This is the woman who wants to open campuses up to gun-toters, was the co-chair of Kool Aid-peddler Ron Paul's presidential campaign in Arizona, and was a receptionist to wacko Sand Land Governor Ev Mecham back in the day. Also, she claims to have backed legislation in 2000 that would have allowed Arizona to secede from the Union if martial law was declared. Guess she reckoned it was around the corner. You know, kinda like the NAU.

As for her 9/11 nuttiness, I'll follow up later and go through some of the many mistruths in Johnson's two op-eds from this past weekend. But in the meantime, here's one to ponder. In her Arizona Republic article, Johnson asserted that, "A Zogby poll reported that 51 percent of Americans want Congress to investigate [9/11] further," thereby bolstering the credibility of her bizarro-world accusations.

Johnson was referencing a 2007 poll commissioned by the troofers themselves. What she doesn't tell you is that nearly 64 percent of respondents believed the official story of what happened on 9/11. You know, that "19 Arab fundamentalists executed a surprise attack which caught US intelligence and military forces off guard." A mere 4.6 percent swallowed the whopper that the government, in the parlance of the conspiracy puddin'heads, "Made It Happen;" i.e., that "certain US government elements actively planned or assisted some aspects of the attacks."

Now that Johnson's gone whole hog with this troofer tripe, I have to say it's too bad she's stepping aside to allow anti-brown clown state Rep. Russell Pearce to run for her seat. Otherwise, we would get to find out if more than 4.6 percent of Johnson's right-wing district would be willing to countenance her spewing this deranged, un-American hooey. Of course, they wouldn't. Which is why Johnson now feels free to spout such psychotic nonsense in public.

Read Pat Curley's snarky snippets on Johnson as a troofer, in his posts, "Recycling the Martial Law Conspiracy Theory," and, "Still Moron Karen Johnson."

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