Reverend Al Sharpton Reveals on National Television that the Emperor of Pinal County, Paul Babeu, Has No Clothes

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On Friday, Emperor Babeu paraded through the "town" making several television and radio appearances espousing the same talking points. His fawning hosts weren't interested in facts, and simply showered the emperor with praise.

Before appearing on Sharpton's show, Babeu made an early-morning stop at KFYI's Sharpe in the Morning.

On that talk show, Babeu claimed that "President Obama ... has been infringing and trampling upon our Constitution" and that his executive orders are an "infringement on our Constitutional rights."

He later parroted the same talking points on KTAR, citing that the "executive orders and these "laws" that the President thinks he's gonna be able to implement .... takes away your Constitutional rights, liberties that are guaranteed--guaranteed by our Founding Fathers for you to protect and defend your life, the life of your family, and your property. Now you're gonna be less able to do that."

It was the same story on FOX 10's Arizona Morning Show with hosts who nodded in blind agreement.

Nobody asked Babeu which of the executive orders infringed on Americans' Constitutional rights. Politics aside, what about identifying the substance of Babeu's argument?

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