Richard Bible, Kid-Killing Child Molester, Dead. State Executes Murderer on Death Row for More Than 20 Years

Arizona Department of Corrections officials confirm to New Times that kid-killing child molester Richard Bible has been executed.

Bible, DOC spokesman Barrett Marson says, was pronounced dead at 11:11 a.m.

Bible was on Death Row for more than 20 years before his execution was carried out this morning.

"The delay of over 20 years in carrying out Bible's execution highlights the need to reform the death-penalty process," state Attorney General Tom Horne says. "Although we acknowledge a need to carefully review these cases, the current delay is unconscionable and is unfair to the victim's family and to the citizens of Arizona."

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court denied his request for a stay of execution.

On Tuesday, the Ningh U.S Circuit Court of Appeals also denied Bible's request for a stay of execution. His lawyers argued that he should not be put to death until hairs found at the crime scene used against him at trial underwent DNA testing.

On Monday, Arizona's clemency board also denied Bible's request for a stay, noting in its decision that he's "the worst of the worst."

Bible was convicted in the 1988 murder of 9-year-old Jennifer Wilson. While Wilson was on vacation with her family in Flagstaff, Bible kidnapped her, molested her, and then bludgeoned her to death.

Bible never admitted guilt.

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