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Richard Chrisman Pretrial Conference Set for January

A date has been set for a pretrial conference in the case of a Phoenix police officer accused of gunning down an unarmed domestic violence suspect -- and his dog -- earlier this year.

The conference for Officer Richard Chrisman, 36, has been scheduled for January 14.

Chrisman was indicted for second-degree murder in October for the death of Danny Rodriguez.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Chrisman and another officer were called to Rodriguez's house by his mother.

Once inside, in response to Rodriguez asking if he had a warrant, Chrisman allegedly pulled his gun, held it to Rodriguez's head, and said "I don't need no warrant, motherfucker."

Check out all the details here, but the story ends with Chrisman fatally shooting Rodriguez, and his dog, for no apparent reason.

Since his arrest in October, it's also been revealed that Chrisman is on Maricopa County's Brady List (a list of Valley cops with dishonest pasts) for planting a crackpipe on a mentally ill woman. Check out the video of that incident here.

But it goes even further for Officer Chrisman. Since his arrest, it was revealed that he -- along with more than two-dozen other Phoenix police officers -- was being investigated for theft.

Chrisman and the other officers allegedly contracted with Phoenix businesses and apartment complexes to provide security details while they were off duty. In many cases, authorities claim, the officers never actually did the work, although, they still collected a paycheck. Read all about it here.

In addition to the second-degree murder charge, Chrisman's also been charged with aggravated assault and animal cruelty.

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