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Rooster Causes Holiday Traffic Tie-Up on Interstate 17; Bird Caught Unhurt by DPS

Q. Why did the chicken cross the road?

A. To help make traffic even worse today on northbound Interstate 17.

The Department of Public Safety announces today that not only is traffic heavy for the start of the holiday weekend, but a rooster made it even worse.

The cock attempted to cross the northboound lanes of the freeway near the usual bottleneck at Carefree Highway, butting its way into the line of cars, RVs and pickups pulling sandrails to the highlands at about 11 a.m., says DPS.

Astonishingly, the rooster managed to tie up traffic without getting squashed for about a half an hour. State troopers came to the rescue by stopping all vehicles for a few minutes until they could catch the bird.

No doubt more than a few motorists would like to see the darned thing Kentucky Fried.

DPS offers these tips for weekend travelers:

DPS recommends motorists to carry plenty of water, some food and a first aid kit. Carry a cell phone or some device to communicate with in case you experience a break down. If you do experience a tire or mechanical failure, pull off of the road as far as possible. First try to contact your motor club if you have one or a local tow or road side service company by utilizing 411. DPS will respond to assist motorists, but with a higher volume of calls on a holiday weekend, that response may be extended. DPS Officers do not carry gas cans or extra fuel, due to the fire hazard, for those who run out, nor do we carry mechanical tools for roadside repairs. Drive sober, DPS will be out in force looking for impaired drivers this weekend. Please utilize the following links for the latest updates on road and weather conditions.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.