Ruben Gallego Touts Endorsement from Superior Mayor, a Politician Who Helped Get Anti-Immigrant Sheriff Paul Babeu Elected

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And, Valenzuela is mayor of Superior, but he initially won by a mere 18 votes.

This promoted endorsement, just days before the August 26 election, comes on the heels of criticism for Gallego because disgraced Republican former Governor Fife Symington, who has made some unfriendly comments about undocumented immigrants, hosted a political fund-raiser for him.

Symington was convicted in September 1997 of criminal charges for defrauding lenders as a real estate developer in the 1980's. He resigned and was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison. His conviction was later overturned, and a pardon by President Bill Clinton (a boyhood friend) effectively shut down the case against him.

Aside from that association, Gallego has been dogged by his B+ approval rating from the National Rifle Association and several gun-related votes he cast while he was serving as state lawmaker, including one that prohibited limiting the magazine capacity of rifles for hunters.

His opponents point out that thousands of crimes are committed each year by assailants using rifles.

Gallego's campaign has noted that Chuck Coughlin, who helped draft Arizona's most draconian anti-immigrant law, SB 1070, gave Wilcox a $500 donation.

Coughlin has also donated to other Democratic Congressional candidates.

New Times featured Valenzuela in 'All the Sheriff's Men," in February 2013.

More excerpts from that article:

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