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Russell & Lester Pearce's Hillbilly-Fest: David Schweikert Not Attending, Though Lester Thinks Otherwise (w/Updates)

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The gang that couldn't shoot straight, aims for their tootsies, yet again.

That would be the intertwined campaigns of the brothers Pearce, Russell and Lester, who, according to former Justice of the Peace Lester Pearce's Facebook site, will be having a fundraiser at Cave Creek's Buffalo Chip Saloon come this Friday, featuring a BBQ dinner, dancing, bull-riding, and the presence of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Arizona Congressman David Schweikert as "Special Guests."

Whoa, Nelly! Schweikert? But hasn't Schweikert endorsed Lester's main rival in Maricopa County Supervisor's District 2, Republican Steve Chucri, the fella everyone expects to best Lester, particularly considering that Lester is currently under investigation by Arizona's Commission on Judicial Conduct because he openly campaigned for his sibling during last year's recall?

Indeed, perusing Chucri's quite impressive endorsement list, you can't help but notice that Schweikert's name is right there at the top of the page with a quote from the congressman.

"Steve has a long history of commitment to our community," Schweikert says of Chucri. "Joyce and I believe his integrity and passion will make him a terrific Supervisor, as well as someone we can all be proud of."

At first I thought maybe Schweikert had changed his mind on the Supe's race, or that the congressman, who is locked in a battle with fellow GOP Congressman "Baby Ben" Quayle for the primary nod in the Sixth Congressional District, might be supporting Russell for state Senate in Legislative District 25.

But apparently not, on both counts.

"Schweikert has not endorsed Russell Pearce nor has he been asked by Pearce for an endorsement," Schweikert campaign spokesman Chris Baker told me. "Also, I can say unequivocally that we did not give permission for Schweikert's name to be used on that invitation. Schweikert is supporting Steve Chucri."

Consequently, Schweikert will not be attending the hoedown, said Baker, who went on to explain that the Schweikert camp was surprised to see a pic of the congressman on the event flier.

"We thought it was strange," Baker related. "We have no idea why they did that."

Baker says congressman's people have contacted the Pearce boys to let them know that he will not be chowing down on any 'cue at the Chip.

Can't say that I blame Representative Schweikert. It's looking like he will devour Quail alive in CD6, bones, beak and all, as he currently enjoys a 13-point lead over Baby Ben.

Plus winners like to dine with winners, not with sure losers like Pearces are certain to be come August 28.

PS: After I posted this blog, I stopped by to let Lester know the news.

UPDATE 7:25PM: According to Chris Baker, Schweikert has not endorsed Pearce. But Pearce sure thinks he's got the congressman's nod.

UPDATE 7:41 PM: I sent Baker a link to Pearce's page, where he claims Schweikert's endorsement, telling Baker that Pearce thinks he has Schweikert's nod.

"I see that," Baker wrote back. "Have no idea where he got that impression from."

UPDATE July 31, 2012 6:39 PM: Looks like Lester got the message, by half. He has two wall photos of the "Buffalo Chips [sic]" invite, one without Schweikert's pic, the other with Schweikert's pic. Keep trying, Les, you'll get there. Or not. The one below was on page two of his wall pics, as of the time above.

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