Russell Pearce and the Fake Jerry Lewis Twitter Account

The product of some right-wing wag or the latest example of dirty pool from the camp of state Senator Russell Pearce? I'll opt for a little of both, as the phony Twitter account under the name of Legislative District 18 recall candidate Jerry Lewis is just the sort of sophomoric low-brow cheap shot that the troglodytes supporting Pearce would think is hella funny.

Remember, this is the same group of mean-spirited nudniks who count a padlock to the groin as a legitimate campaign tactic.

And so, while it may be tempting to laugh off this fake Twitter as political hijinks, it's written in such a way that some might take it literally, despite the obvious lies and smears therein.

Note that it's not listed as the "FakeJerryLewis" Twitter. As such, it's just more proof that all the Pearce folks have, aside from outside money, is deception, calumny, and intimidation. Honesty about their political hero Pearce would ensure his downfall.

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