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Russell Pearce Disses Government ?Programs for the Poor on His Radio Show, While Helping to Run One

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Down deep, Pearce really is an old softy. This is just his version of tough love.

"I know there's people out there [who] need help, and my heart goes out to them, too," he explained that same evening. "But you know what? That should never be a government role. That's a role for family, church, and community."

Talk about dropping an H-bomb of hypocrisy.

Because not only does Pearce benefit from a generous public-employee pension born of his holding several government positions over the years, he recently scored a job working for Maricopa County Treasurer Charles "Hos" Hoskins at the handsome salary of $85,000 per year.

Among his duties are helping to promote participation in a county program known as the Elderly Assistance Fund, which helps low-income seniors reduce their property taxes.

That is, he's helping to do exactly what he preaches against on his radio show.

According to Hoskins, Pearce's new job was "re-created" after getting abolished five years ago during a time of county belt-tightening.

Since then, because of lack of participation in the fund, it's ballooned to nearly $6 million.

But there are cash-strapped seniors out there, and one of Pearce's jobs will be to get them to apply and use the property tax credit coming to them.

Hoskins says Pearce will have other duties and he will have at least three employees working under him. During a visit to the treasurer's office, Hoskins showed me what will be Pearce's cubicle-office, which at the time lacked a doorknob.

Presumably, Pearce has earned his knob. Hoskins tells me Pearce started work on July 28.

Meanwhile, Pearce remains first vice chair of the Arizona Republican Party, an unpaid position he was elected to in 2012.

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