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Russell Pearce Gets Mad Love from the Arizona Republic

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Pearce has a history of bending the truth or just making it up to fit his ideological agenda. This is the guy who said he "never took a penny from the Fiesta Bowl," though he and his family accepted $40,000 in free trips and tickets from the bowl and he took campaign contributions from Fiesta Bowl execs.

About his extensive ties to neo-Nazi (and eventual baby-killer) JT Ready, Pearce once claimed it to be a "fiction" that New Times made up.

Of course, we now know that Pearce groomed Ready for politics, endorsed his run for Mesa City Council, attended his baptism into the LDS faith, and ordained him a Mormon elder as well.

Then there's Pearce's mendacity on why he was booted from his job as head of Arizona's Motor Vehicle Division by a fellow Republican.

Actually, he occasionally has denied that he was even fired, though, according to press accounts from the time, he and two other MVD officials were sacked for altering a Tucson woman's driving record so she would not face a one-year suspension of her license due to two DUIs she had received.

That's just a few in a long list of canards and prevarications Pearce has spewed over the years. I'd practically need a library to detail them all.

What I'm saying is, the guy has a track record of deceit. And yet the Rep's Joanna Allhands comes across as incredibly gullible and deferential toward Pearce in the videos that accompany his written diatribe.

She stares at him blankly as he makes this ludicrous assertion:

"When we passed employer sanctions, our employment rate went up two percent overnight."

On it's face, this statement doesn't make any sense. Why would a law forcing employers to spend more time and money checking applicants' work eligibility through the federal e-verify system result "overnight" in more people being employed?

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