Feathered Bastard

Russell Pearce -- Infamous Already for Assaulting Arizona's Economy -- and His Ban Amnesty Now Hate Group Attack Local Businesses With Boycott

Funny how some conservatives are always against boycotts affecting Arizona businesses, unless they're the ones doing the boycotting.

I say this as the nativist hate group Ban Amnesty Now fires up its promised boycott of New Times' advertisers, with shrill messages on BAN's website and Facebook page

Weirdly, the brain surgeons at BAN -- recalled ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce and his mini-me, BAN founder Sean McCaffrey -- refer to their boycott as a "buy-cott," when, clearly, they are encouraging their "members" (i.e., those on BAN's e-mail list) not to do business with companies purchasing ads in New Times.

See, a "buy-cott" is the opposite of a boycott, wherein those participating purchase stuff from businesses. But apparently both McCaffrey and Pearce are too stupid to realize what a "buy-cott" is, or even Google the term.

In any case, BAN's boycott fits neatly into Pearce's pattern of destroying Arizona's economy -- as his relentless bigotry and his pimping of brown-bashing laws have plunged this state even further into the Great Recession than it already was.

Bigotry is bad for business, and when Arizona has a reputation as being filled with racist yahoos such as Pearce, business people stay away. Sure, the state probably would be hurting during a recession, but Pearce's racist shenanigans have made the situation far worse. 

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Stephen is a former staff writer and columnist at Phoenix New Times.
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