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Russell Pearce Linked To Japan Disaster By Patrons of Local Sports Bar

We settled in yesterday for an annual ritual--watching the NCAA March Madness Selection Show at a Scottsdale bar, Zipps Sports Grill up on East Greenway Parkway.

It's always a hoot to see guys armed with schooners of brewskies trying to keep up with the match-ups as they flash on the big TV screens--the first forays into what will be the ritualistic filling out of brackets on the Net and at work.

Come to think of it, we are one of those guys.

Anyway, CBS had a news update just before the start of the CBS selection show which focused on the frightening ongoing events in Japan.

Everyone in the bar was riveted. The following dialogue (picture this to be very loud) ensued:

Guy at far end of bar: "I just came from LA, and everyone there is freaked out that it's gonna happen there, too."

His friend: "Well, at least we don't have to worry about those kinds of natural disasters here in Arizona, right?"

Fellow from a nearby table, without missing a beat: "We got our own kind of natural disaster to deal with. It's called the Arizona Legislature."

Original guy: "Yeah, [Senate President] Russell Pearce and that asshole [Scott Bundgaard] who beat up his girlfriend, right?"

Table talker: "Yup. Natural disasters."

Collective laughter.

Maybe there is a smidgen of hope left.

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