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Russell Pearce Opponent Jerry Lewis To File Signatures Tomorrow (w/Update)

Though he has until September 9 to do so, Mesa Republican Jerry Lewis will file signatures with the Arizona Secretary of State tomorrow to place his name on the November 8 recall ballot in Legislative District 18.

To formally square off against state Senate President Russell Pearce, Lewis needs 621 qualified electors from LD 18 to sign his nominating petition. 

According to a statement just released by the Lewis campaign, he'll turn in double that number Thursday morning.

The statement reads,

"The Jerry Lewis for Senate Campaign will file twice the number of signatures needed to put the Mesa Republican on the ballot for the November 8th recall election challenging Senate President Russell Pearce. The filing will take place at the Arizona Secretary of State's office on the 7th Floor of the executive tower at the State Capital at 9:00 a.m., tomorrow, Thursday, August 18th. Most of the signatures were collected in one day as Lewis and a large group of volunteers canvassed their neighborhoods. Additional petitions are still being circulated and will be added to the total in a subsequent filing. 

"Lewis is a CPA and charter school administrator and former teacher. He is well known in Mesa as a community volunteer and L.D.S. Church leader. He is the first challenger to earn a spot on the ballot. Lewis will be available to the press following the filing."

Tonight, Pearce will be feted by his lobbyist pals during a fundraiser at Alexi's Grill in Phoenix. Pearce is being treated like a king by his natural constituency. Quite a contrast to Lewis' hard work and gumption.

UPDATE 8/18/11: Lewis' name is now on the ballot. Take a look, here.

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