Russell Pearce: Plot to Give $260K of Taxpayer Cash to Recalled Pol Still Alive?

The Capitol Times' Luigi del Puerto is reporting that the plot to cut a $260,000 check to recalled, disgraced former state Senate President Russell Pearce remains alive at the state Legislature.

I've heard the votes are not there in the Senate, but, hell, ya never know. Also, it's not in the budget, so how they would pull this one off is anyone's guess.

The big lie that Pearce's bootlickers in the legislature are spitting is that it's their "duty" under the Arizona Constitution to "reimburse" Pearce for the money his campaign committee raised and spent during the 2011 recall election, which Pearce lost by a whopping 12 points.

As I've written previously, this is a complete prevarication being foisted upon the public by a few sleazy politicians in Pearce's pocket, namely the following GOPers:

State Senate Majority Leader Andy Biggs, who owes his accidental wealth not to hard work or enterprise, but to winning a sweepstakes, for cryin' out loud.

State Senator Steve Smith, an alleged talent agent (what, in Arizona?) with 40-weight hair and a conscience to match.

And state Representative Steve Montenegro, rumored to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of far-right Republican operative Constantin Querard, Inc.

As Biggs, Smith and Montenegro are so eager to hand a political payoff to their pal Pearce despite their colleagues' reluctance, I suggest you give them a jingle. Exchange of ideas being good for democracy, and all that.

Below are their office numbers and the campaign contact numbers they list on their financial disclosure forms with the Arizona Secretary of State's website, as well as their e-mail addresses.

Why not ring these, ahem, "public servants," at both numbers, and e-mail them? Then contact your own legislators and the leadership of both the state Senate and the state House, and inform them that anyone who seriously considers handing away $260K of your cash should be returned to private life.

And be examined for mental illness.

For the record, I encourage civility at all times when communicating with public officials, no matter how slimy.

BTW, can't wait for this farce to be over, so I can stop blogging about it. It's beginning to resemble some long, unfunny joke. 

Sine die, already, dudes. Please.

State Senate Majority Leader Andy Biggs: office, 602-926-4371; campaign, 480-926-9401; Senate e-mail, abiggs@azleg.gov; candidate e-mail, biggs4senate@cox.net.

State Senator Steve Smith: office, 602-926-5685; campaign, 480-225-8939; office e-mail, stevesmith@azleg.gov; campaign e-mail, smithsteve8@yahoo.com.

State Representative Steve Montenegro: office, 602-926-5955; campaign, 623-826-8108; office e-mail, smontenegro@azleg.gov; campaign e-mail, SteveMontenegro@gmail.com.

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