Feathered Bastard

Russell Pearce's Lawyer Files Notice of Appeal to Arizona Supreme Court

At this point, I'm really beginning to wonder if state Senate President Russell Pearce is a sadomasochist. 

The sadist part is easy to see. But the masochism becomes more evident with each new legal maneuver by Lisa Hauser, the attorney working on behalf of Pearce and Pearce's pal Franklin Bruce Ross, the official "plaintiff" in the recall challenge Hauser's filed.

On Friday, Judge Hugh Hegyi used both barrels of his legal shotgun in obliterating Hauser's lawsuit against the Arizona Secretary of State, County Elections, and the recall committee Citizens for a Better Arizona

In other words, it was dismissed, and then some.

Around 48 hours later, Hauser e-filed a notice of appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court, as I anticipated in my Friday blog post.

Pearce, he must love losing, and have unlimited funds with which to pay Hauser's bill. Or at least, someone does. It definitely ain't Ross, whose financial history I recently outlined in this blog.

Hauser's appeal likely will be shot down as well. Even a layperson can see from reading her arguments that they are of the straw-grasping variety. 

Why is Pearce so afraid to face the voters of Legislative District 18 on November 8? I think the answer is clear: He's a coward, and rightly fears that he is on the precipice of disaster. That's why he's skerred to show for the oral arguments on behalf of the challenge.

For the rest of us, it's popcorn and Twizzler-time. Never has Schadenfreude been so much fun.

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