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Russell Pearce's Son Sean Pearce: Video of Killer Car Crash

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Read the Glendale PD's supplemental report quoted in this blog post

Perace's vehicle was not equipped with lights or a siren.


First video: crash occurs around the 27-second mark

Glendale investigators determined that the Tahoe was going 81 miles per hour just seconds before the crash. The posted speed limit is 40 mph.

A reconstruction supplement was released today along with photos, the videos you see here, and other documents contained additional info on the accident.

One factoid: the Tahoe weighed 6,005 pounds, more than twice the 2,975 pounds of Harding's Nissan.


First video: crash occurs around the 27-second mark Part two, the aftermath, showing the Tahoe hitting a sign

An analysis of data retrieved from the vehicles by the supplement's author, Glendale PD investigator T. Yoder, found that just prior to the crash, Pearce took his foot off the accelerator and hit the brakes.

The recorded vehicle speed of 81 mph "dropped to the last recorded value of 57 mph prior to impact," reads the report.

Yoder estimated the actual speed at impact to be from 48 to 53 mph.

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