Feathered Bastard

SB 1070 Protest March Led by Puente Starts at 3 p.m.

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Said fellow organizer Diane Perez:

"Maricopa County has been in a human rights crisis created by both state and federal policies that we've only seen spread in the past two years. We're marching because we will not comply with the hate contained in SB1070. The Supreme Court should strike down 1070 and the federal government should end its embrace of Arizona-style policies."

I agree with Perez's statement about the Supreme Court. That would be nice. However, based on initial reports of today's 1070 hearing, I fear the worst. It may be that the best we can hope for is a mixed bag when the court rules in the next couple of months.

That means that the stain of 1070 will continue to mark this state until we change the political balance of power, and hopefully repeal the law, wiping it from the books, if not from memory.

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