Feathered Bastard

SB 1070 Remix, the Dennis Gilman Cut

Gilman televises the revolution, or part of it...

Lordy, I've had enough of neo-Nazi hugger, 12-point loser, and ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce's gorilla mug. No doubt many of you have as well. But until the wingnuts and Tea Party idgits in this state run screaming at the sight of him, I plan to keep shoving him down their throats in this blog as often as I can.

The haters, the lobbyists, the fellow-travelers, the bigoted blue-hairs, and most Arizona Republicans are gonna have to own him. Sorry, he's your rabid Wonder Dog, not mine.

I assure you, when a tsunami of brown finally, as it must, washes this state clean of prejudice, or as clean as it's ever gonna get, no one will claim Pearce as a pal, not even the wackjobs who want to give him $260,000 of taxpayer money. Because the balance of power will have shifted, and the Rs will be grateful for whatever brown votes they can nab.

Such are my thoughts on watching local videographer Dennis Gilman's recap of last week's action in D.C. and on the streets of Phoenix. In the nation's Capitol, at a U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on 1070, U.S. Senators Charles Schumer and Dick Durbin played good cop-bad cop, slapping around Pearce around till he looked like he was going to stroke out.

State Senator Steve Gallardo gets high marks for being the one person to point out that Pearce had been recalled by his own constituents, though ex-U.S. Senator Dennis DeConcini (not seen here) did refer to Pearce at one point as "the former Senator." 

DeCon may be a blue dog (or pinto Dem, take your pick), but when he delcared that "SB 1070 targets those with brown skin," and then apologized for Arizona's making it law, I was impressed. Yeah, I know, he sits on the board of private prison giant CCA, but he still deserves props for telling it like it is.

My pal Todd Landfried of Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform kicked nativist backside, per usual. Though Gilman only shows a snippet of him here, Landfried mocked Pearce's familiar catch phrases in his opening lines.

"We are not `open borders,' `pro-illegal' businesses, `addicted to cheap labor,' nor do we `put profits before patriotism,'" Landfried informed the Senators, before launching into a statistical analysis of why 1070, and similar measures in other states, should be kicked to their respective curbs.

The street action portion of the vid features the peace warriors of Puente and their confederates, some of whom were arrested in defiance of the one-year anniversary of 1070 being signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer. Defiance and pragmatic activism will eventually get the anti-1070 forces where we need to go, barreling over the haters on our way.

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