Scientologists Targeting Village Voice Media

Scientologists Targeting Village Voice Media

On the same day our cover story about the Church of Scientology's new Phoenix "Ideal Org" hit newsstands, our sister paper in New York, the Village Voice, reports that the Church is now probing our parent company, Village Voice Media.

See our cover story on what Scientology is up to in Phoenix here.

Voice editor-in-chief Tony Ortega, who's been debunking Scientology since 1995 -- including a series called "The 25 People Crippling Scientology" -- got word from a San Francisco public-relations firm we used to work with that a "reporter" for the Church's propaganda pub, Freedom, is asking questions about VVM's finances.

From Ortega's story:

We've just received confirmation that ace reporter Jim Lynch has been handed a new assignment, and that assignment is us!

Today, he called a PR firm in San Francisco that we used to work with, asking about "the finances of the Village Voice."

The finances of the Voice? Hey, Jim, when you find out about that, let us know!

Our friends at the PR firm were very puzzled, and let me know that a "rather unstable gentleman named James Lynch working for Freedom magazine" had called.

See Ortega's entire story here.

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