Scottsdale Man Hits On 62-Year-Old Man's Fiancee -- Then Beats Him Up, Police Say

A Scottsdale man was arrested yesterday for allegedly beating the crap out of a 62-year-old man after hitting on the guy's fiancee at a Phoenix restaurant earlier this month.

Jason Peter Bonal, 36, got pinched yesterday afternoon for the violent attack on the man after witnesses identified him as the attacker.

According to police, Bonal was at the Narcisse Champagne and Tea Lounge at Scottsdale Road and Greenway Hayden Loop with a few buddies on April 15, when he made some crude comments to the victim's fiancee.

The two men got into a verbal confrontation, and Bonal was asked to leave the bar.

When the victim and his fiancee left the restaurant, Bonal was waiting outside at the bottom of some escalators. The two men started arguing again, as the victim's fiancee ran back to get help from bar staff. When she returned, the victim was unconscious with life-threatening head injuries. Bonal, however, was gone.

Police say witness statements and a photo lineup helped link Bonal to the attack.

Bonal faces one count of aggravated assault. The unidentified victim remains in the hospital in stable condition.

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