Scottsdale Man New Poster Child for Man-on-Man Sexual Harrassment; as Result, Sun City Man Getting Lebowski'd

An Associated Press story making national headlines says there is a spike in reports of man-on-man sexual-harassment claims over the last two decades.

There doesn't seem to be too much of a story here -- the percentage of such sexual-harassment claims has only gone up by 2 percent in 10 years. But a Scottsdale man, the focus of much of the story, has gotten national attention for his own man-tastic tale of sexual harassment.

Jonathan Pilkington says in a lawsuit he filed against Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar in Scottsdale that he was sexually harassed dozens of times by his male boss at the establishment.

Contacted by New Times, the restaurant directed us to a statement, which denies that any such sexual harrassment ever happened to Pilkington.  

The restaurant's chef would grope and pinch him on his butt and genitals when he walked into the kitchen or stock room, Pilkington claims.

We tried to track down Pilkington for further comment, but the only Jonathan Pilkington listed in the Valley is a Sun City man, who turned out not to be the Pilkington in question.

We asked the Sun City Jonathan Pilkington whether he was the man who was sexually harassed at the steakhouse, and in one of the best old-man voices we've ever heard, he joked, "No, but it sure sounds like fun."

Pilkington's wife initially answered the phone, so we're gonna have to call no homo on this one.

Pilkington says he's had several calls today from news outlets asking if he is the Pilkington featured in the AP story -- which is reminiscent of the mixup in the Coen brothers classic flick The Big Lebowski.

The Sun City Pilkington would be "The Dude," of course.

The Pilkington who was harassed, however, isn't laughing about what allegedly happened to him.

"I think maybe it's just harder for males to come out and file a complaint because of how embarrassing it is," this Pilkington was quoted by the AP as saying.

We're embarrassed just reading about it!  

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