Scottsdale MILFs, Cougars and "Momshells" Sought by Jean Company in Spokesmodel Contest

Calling all sexy moms in Scottsdale:

A local clothing company is holding a contest to find its "spokes model" -- though it'll cost you $200 in purchases to enter.

The Scottsdale Jean Company, in conjunction with Rose and Allyn PR, announces in a "MILF [Mom I'd Like to Fuck] Alert" that the winning babe will receive a shopping spree, spa trip, and other cool prizes, plus the one thing that everyone wants right now -- a job. They don't say how much its spokes-model might earn, but the lucky winner will probably garner more than the standard 15 minutes of fame.

You have to be 25 or older to enter and a Scottsdale Jean Company customer who has spent more than $200 with the store. This seems like a shameless way to get people to spend money, but folks who are already customers might want to give it a go.

PR release follows:



Scottsdale Jean Company Kicks off the "SJC'S Hottest Mom" Contest in Search of New Spokes Model

SCOTTSDALE , ARIZ. (July 2, 2009)- Have you ever been called a babe, cougar or momshell? If so, Scottsdale 's mecca for designer jeans and hip fashion is looking for you! That's right, Scottsdale Jean Company, Arizona 's biggest and best independent fashion retailer is searching for the Valley's hottest "Bombshell Mom" to win some fabulous prizes and become the store's new official spokes model.

Why hot moms? It's no secret the ladies of Scottsdale take great pride in their appearance, love to shop, and participate in lots of groups and organizations designed to make our community a better place. Now, it's time to honor these lovely ladies for something other than ruling the roost. Whether you're the ultimate stay-at-home matriarch or a career-maven super-mom, Scottsdale Jean Company is looking for you to enter this empowering contest and show off your solid morals, integral values and ample assets.

"We're on the hunt for Moms that turn heads wherever they go - the supermarket, the football stands, or Kindergarten," says Steven Koeppel, owner of Scottsdale Jean Company, "We want to honor the Hottest Moms in Scottsdale, those that do great things for their families and this community while upholding style, confidence, and poise beyond the carpool."

Gone are the days where mom hangs around the house in an obligatory apron. Today, Scottsdale moms live the fabulous life whether it's being the sideline champ at soccer practice or praising the kiddie's Chopin-esque chops at piano lessons all while rocking the hottest designer jeans, killer Juicy Couture sweat suits, and cute tops and tees from SJC. Amazing and beautiful moms come in all shapes and sizes, and SJC is looking for women over the age of 25 that are smart, charismatic, talented, community-oriented, love shopping at Scottsdale Jean Company and most of all, are HOT enough to represent the store as the official spokes model for Scottsdale Jean Company.

To enter, simply email [email protected] with your name, email and phone number. Those selected from the initial round will be invited to a special photography session at the store with a notable fashion photographer. Then, the public will vote on the Hottest Mom by judging the professional photos and short biographies on a special website that has been developed exclusively for this event.

The winner will receive a $1,000 shopping spree, a gym, spa and salon prize package and appear in upcoming Scottsdale Jean Company advertisements, featured TV segments and potential editorial coverage as the Scottsdale Jean Company spokes model and "Hottest Mom." In order to qualify for the contest, entrants will have had to spend at least $200 in total purchases at Scottsdale Jean Company, since this contest is open only to their valued clients.

Designed to honor Valley mothers that lead the community with beauty, style and substance, the SJC Hot Mom contest kicks off now and a winner will be announced on or around September 1st. Deadline for contest entries is July 31st. For more information about Scottsdale Jean Company or the "SJC Hot Mom Contest" please contact Melissa Rein.

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